Apartment therapy’s 20/20 Home Cure episode today got me started in clearing out the bookshelf but I took it a bit further. Instead of just clearing out the books I went for the whole office. 

The best way to clear out a room is to do exactly that. Empty it completely. Remove anything you can, leaving only the bare furniture, shelves and walls.  Arrange the furniture in a way that opens up the room and provides the functionality you really need.

Once its empty, think about the purpose of the room. Visualize what this room should look like and what you really want in it. Now, start putting things back. Only put back the items that are useful, aesthetically pleasing and have a purpose there. The purpose may just be that you like it but think in terms of the perfect room.

Once you have only what you really want in the room, take everything left outside and put it away. Not sure how to deal with what’s left outside? Make three boxes: another room, donate and out. No boxes? Don’t loose momentum here. Trash bags or even piles will work, just don’t bring it back in the room. If it belongs in another room, put it there, if it’s broken or useless, throw it out/recycle it. If it can be used, donate it or put it in a box to go out and give it away.

Every time you walk into this room you will feel good.